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Happy New Year

07.02.2023 10:58:00

Hey Rockers,


We hope you had a great new years eve! We are currently booking some new shows and Festivals for 2023. Hope to see you Live at a Festival or a Club show. Also we´re still working on an upcoming album wich will hopefully be ready in 2023. More to come...



Rock on !



27.04.2022 10:18:00


Hey Rockerz


We are currently starting our concert season for 2022. We already played some shows and it was great! Also were working on some new Material for our upcoming Album. We also want to inform you that our 2nd Album Deathrider will be Re-Released on Vinyl finally. Feel free to check our Motorjesus Shop!


Take care and ROCK ON !



Chris, Andy, Paddy, Adam and Domme a.k.a. MOTORJESUS


22.12.2021 10:09:00


Hey Rockers


Thanks a lot for all your support in 2021!!!. We would like to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. We hope to be back soon playing some shows. In the meantime we work on some new material


stay safe and ROCK ON !



Chris, Andy, Paddy, Adam und Domme a.k.a. MOTORJESUS


08.09.2021 13:06:00

Hey Rockers


We hope you all had fun with our new record "Hellbreaker" so far! We currently played our first shows and were pretty happy to be back LIVE!. Come visit us at the following live dates:



13.11. - Meinerzhagen, Metal4Meinerzhagen

26.11. - Berlin, Brutz&Brakel Stromgitarrenfest

27.11. - Vechta, Gulfhaus

04.12. - Essen, Nikolaut

23.12. - Viersen, Rockschicht







11.03.2020 11:59:00

Hey Rockers


Weve just released our new live album "LIVE RESURRECTION". You can buy a copy or a special bundle here at our webshop.


Were also going to play more shows this year:

Motorjesus "Live Resurrection" Tour 2020
07.03. - Mönchengladbach, Projekt 42
28.03. - Koblenz, Rock the River
25.04. - Schapen, Mosh n May Festival
09.05. - Duisburg, Charity Unleashed
16.05. - Schoeneberg, Ironfest
13.06. - Büssfeld, MISE Open Air
18.06. - Saarbrücken, Studio 30
20.06. - Natz, Alpen Flair (IT)
26.06. - Coburg, Summerblast Open Air
11.07. - Langeln Open Air
16.07. - Fritzlar, Rock am Stück
15.08. - Hardebeck, Open Air
22.08. - Seth, Ackerbrand Festival
28.08. - Stangriede, Open Air
10.10. - Arnsberg, Break the Silence Festival
06.11. - Bueckeburg, Schraub Bar
07.11. - Andernach, JUZ
05.12. - Oberhausen, Nikolaut Festival



hope to see you there


Rock on !