Upcoming Shows

07.11.2020 (Saturday)

Andernach, JUZ

Andernach, JUZ + Disillusion uvm.

05.12.2020 (Saturday)


Oberhausen, Kulttempel - Nikolaut Festival


Vinyl - 14th March!

11.03.2014 10:21:00

the vinyl edition of "ELECTRIC REVELATION" is now finally sceduled for the 14th March and can be ordered at the Links below:




15.02.2014 12:10:00

We just wanted to remind you guys to buy your tickets for the upcoming release shows of the new album ELECTRIC REVELATION in Viersen and Essen and the upcoming mini tour with EAT THE GUN and Gloomball. You can get your tickets for the tour locations and Essen @ www.eventim.de and the concert in Viersen @ www.scantickets.de.


tl_files/Daten/viersen-flyer.jpg  tl_files/Daten/turock-flyer.jpg  tl_files/Daten/flyer_tour.jpg
The new album is available in a limited shirt & cd bundle version @ EMP Magazine: here
The vinyl version will sadly be out a few days later on the 07th of march. You can preorder it @ AMAZON: here
We hope to see you at the shows! MJ


06.12.2013 11:08:00

after some ups and downs this year and Chris quick recovery we have finished all recordings and the mix of our 4th album. We also can say that the release of the album will be in febuary 2014. Until then theres a lot of things to do for us - we are workin hard on the release of the album. We also got some new live shows confirmed for 2014. Check here:
06.12.2013 - Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, TIC Club - Nikolaut Festival - Mülheim
14.12.2013 - Paderborn, Kulturwerkstatt - Metal Inferno Festival
03.01.2014 - Wasen (CH) - Ice Rock Festival
17.01.2014 - Düsseldorf - Pitcher (Special Show)
31.01.2014 - Bremen - Tower
Hope to see you guys at our concerts!
Rock on!


13.06.2013 10:22:00

Heres another update:
At first: Chris´ heart surgery went out well! Here‘s a statement from Chris:
"Hello Motorjesus supporters! I am currently at home, all worked out good. The valve is working and I am looking forward to begin rehab soon. Sadly some complications took a little more time than expected, but i think the band will be back very soon for some shows and a new record. I‘m really looking foward to see all of our friends and supporters again at the concerts. Cant wait!"
For the time in between we came up with some ideas, that we are working on. At first we have to admit that there is a "lost" video… We shot a video shortly after the release of "Wheels of Purgatory" in 2011, but we never could finish the work on it due to some unforseen circumstances... We decided now to re-edit the video again with a little help from our friend Ben Mumm of Divine:Zero. Before we put it back to the box where we took it from:
Have fun with MOTOR DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!
See you soon! MOTORJESUS

Hey Partners in Crime!

01.03.2013 20:09:00

There‘s some bad news news from team Motorjesus: We are forced to take a prolonged break from all activities. The reason is that our singer Chris is suffering from a heart defect as his aortic valve is not working properly. This has been the case since his birth, but all this time it didn‘t affect his health conditions. Unfortunately, things took a turn to the worse in short period of time lately, so Chris is forced to undergo heart surgery in a couple weeks.

We talked this over and collectively decided to cancel all upcoming shows, because any half assed solution wouldn’t be 100% Motorjesus. So we stick to our band family and we will wait until we can move forward with full power again. Sadly the album production has to be put on ice for a while. Chris will do some months of rehabilitation after the surgery, so if you would like to sent him a message feel free to do so at chris@motorjesus.net or via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/chris.birx. We wish Chris all the best and a quick
recovery. The band will come back as soon as possible firing on all cylinders!

Keep your fingers crossed! MOTORJESUS