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Hey Folks

12.01.2011 08:00:00

Happy new year !!! Here are some short news: At first thank you all for buying our album and to all you guys who showed up at ou releaseparties. It was really a blast! Also the feedback from the press really rocks and we got very cool and positive reviews so far! So we got some of the reviews and interviews here to read, but its all in german ;)

So the first gigs and festivals for the new year are confirmed and we also got plans for a bigger tour. We keep you informed on that, cause we have to settle the details... We hope you guys like “Wheels of Purgatory” and we really hope to see all of you at our shows for some beers and Rock 'N Roll, alright?!

Rock on!


So dear People, a few days left and its done.

08.12.2010 14:40:00

Then you should find "Wheels of Purgatory" in all stores. We also want to remind you for the cool EMP deal cause you get a fine Shirt with your CD for a real nice price - so check out www.emp.de

For all you guys who urgently want to listen to the Album, just go to www.motorjesus.net and you will find a full Song, a new Trailer with Soundsamples and a whole new designed Webspace of Motorjesus.net there !!!

sadly we couldnt manage to upload a new song on myspace yet, were waiting for the permission. But you can also listen at amazon.com or last FM. Here are some german reviews of the Album and some more quotes so far:

>> Metal.de
>> Musikreviews
>> King Asshole
>> Laut.de


“one of the most talented and astounishing german Bands” – METAL HAMMER 

„one of the most powerful Records of the Month“ – ROCK HARD

”Party-Album of the Month !" - GUITAR

“Wheels of Purgatory is a Energy Driven Record with a whole Bunch of great Songs” - HEAVY

”….also the entire Album has an enourmous amount of coolness, paired with very good Songwriting” – ROCK IT

„here comes the best Album 2010!!!“ – METAL.de

„powerful hardrock with Elements of  Metal, Rock n Roll, Grunge and Stoner Rock was always on the Bands Bill, but you never heard it as good as this“ – LEGACY

"...Big Assed Rock with fine Melodies, many Hooks per Song and a big load of Testosterone ! - Laut.de

"...this Record is just pure Fun, and it still will be in coming years!  - king-asshole.de

so that sounds pretty cool to start though…. oh and dont forget our Record Release Show on the 18th of December:

18.12. - MOTORJESUS Releaseparty

MOTORJESUS – present their New Album !
PRESIDENT EVIL – RnR from Bremen
SOUTHERN WEREWOLF FARM – De Nederlandse Black Frikandel Society
Turock, Essen - www.turock.de

so we really hope you support the Bands you like and buy the album. But for now thank you guys and have Fun with "wheels of purgatory"


MOTORJESUS - its the final countdown....

05.12.2010 14:40:00

So we are on the final lap for the new album “Wheels of Purgatory”... we've got only 10 days left 'til the release. We are also very exited what will happen and how you guys like the album. We already received some cool feedback from the press so far… here are some quotes:

“one of the most talented and astounishing german bands” – METAL HAMMER 

„one of the most powerful records of the month“ – ROCK HARD

”Party-album of the month !" - GUITAR

“Wheels of Purgatory is a energy driven record with a whole bunch of great songs” - HEAVY

”….Also the entire album has an enourmous amount of coolness, paired with very good songwriting” – ROCK IT

„here comes the best album 2010!!!“ – METAL.de

„powerful hardrock with elements of  Metal, Rock 'n Roll, Grunge and Stoner Rock was always on the bands bill, but you never heard it as good as this“ – LEGACY

So that sounds pretty cool to start though….

We also got a brand new MYSPACE page up and running with another new  MJ song added to the profile. Just check it out at www.myspace.com/motorjesus !

Finally we hope to see you guys at our release shows, cause we got some new songs ready and some cool offers on the new merchandise.


17.09.2010 07:54:00

We have signed a new record deal with one of germanies coolest labels: DRAKKAR/Sony Records!

We are proud to be a part of the Drakkar family and have found a new home in Boggi Kopec's (the heavy metal veteran) label. Boggi worked with bands like Sodom and Kreator in the 80's. With his later formed label "gun" he established "rockers" like Him or Guano Apes in the late 90's. Check out the companys website at www.drakkar.de.


We are done with the recordings and we will release the new album on december the 3rd through Drakkar/Sony. The Album will be entitled "WHEELS OF PURGATORY" ....and it rocks!


We will keep you informed about the next steps....